Dog Saves Her Puppy From Drowning

by • October 28, 2013 • Amazing, Good NewsComments (1)4474

Such a heroic act!  One little puppy bit off more than he could chew upon jumping into a pool to learn how to swim one day. No matter how hard he tried, it just wasn’t the right time: Upon getting to the edge of the pool to get out, he realized he couldn’t! Luckily, Mom was right by his side to save the day.

It may seem simple, but it certainly speaks volumes of the capacity of love and care that animals are able to feel.  How precious!


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One Response to Dog Saves Her Puppy From Drowning

  1. Reannon says:

    Awwww that’s so cute! Number 49729472 reason dogs are the best! Such a smart mom. 🙂

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