Upcycle The Holidays With These 10 Decorations Made From Recycled Materials

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Create beautiful holiday decorations this holiday season from recycled materials. Not only are they unique and beautiful, like these various door wreaths, but they’re good for the environment and will leave you with more money in your pockets.

 1. A Wreathe Made from an Old Book

Have you finally given up on finishing that book collecting dust on your bookshelf? Rip out the pages and curl them into a pattern to make a literary wreath like this one. The blog The Shabby Chick Cottage offers a tutorial (with photos) for those looking to create a similar wreathe. All you need is cardboard, a glue gun and an old book.

2. A Wreathe Made from Fabric Scraps

This folksy red, white and blue wreath is made from shredded ribbons. A sweet red heart dangling in the middle adds an element of warmth and love.

3. Ornaments Made from Recycled Cans

These earth friendly Christmas ornaments are made from none other than aluminum cans. The ornaments feature the bottoms of aluminum cans and strips of the aluminum spiraling out.

4. A Christmas Tree Made from Colorful Plastic Plates

This retro miniature Christmas tree brings holiday tree through brightly colored paper, upcycled plastic plates and tastefully placed ornaments and makes for an elegant and pretty holiday decoration. For more creative ways to create a non-traditional Christmas tree, Buzzfeed has a clever post, 38 Fabulous DIY Christmas Trees That Aren’t Actual Trees.

5. A Snowman Made from Plastic Bags

Everyone loves Frosty the Snowman. How adorable is a shabby chic snowman made from plastic bags? Standing tall, this snowman shares a cheerful grin that can only make people smile. While the snowman in this photo is fairly difficult and time consuming to create, this blog offers instructions on how to make a smaller (and simpler) plastic bag snowman.

6. A Christmas Tree Made from Plastic Bottles

These glowing green Christmas trees give new life to old green plastic bottles. The light emitted from the bottles brings warmth and a unique, recycled charm.

7. A Christmas Tree Made from Glass Bottles

This geometric beer bottle tree features empty green beer bottles stacked neatly in rows one atop the next, for a clean and cool look. This blog gives crafters instructions on how to make a similar (albeit smaller) beer bottle Christmast tree.

8. Ornaments made from a Beer or Soda Can

Feeling thirsty? These adorable cowboy boots are hand tooled of Canada Dry cans and topped off with Heineken bottle tops, and are ready to be thrown onto the Christmas tree. Here’s a guide on how to make a similar ornament out of a beer (or soda) can.

9. A Snowman Made from Plastic Cups

This cutie snowman is cleverly composed of white plastic cups. With orange slices for eyes and other recycled items for its accessories, this snowman is picture ready! Want to learn how to recreate this yourself? This blog has detailed, step-by-step instructions (with photos).

10. Ornaments Made from Gum Wrappers

This pretty hexagonal ring is perfect as a holiday table decoration. It is made from green and gold chewing gum wrappers. has some more ideas on how to make decorations using gum wrappers. You can see them here.

This holiday season, rather than spending money on new holiday decorations, why not look around your house to see what’s lying around to make a one-of-a-kind decoration? Your friends and family members will be wowed by your creativity and conservation efforts.


This post is courtesy of Republic Services, a residential and commercial recycling company in Las Vegas.

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