9 Scarily Cute and Healthy Snacks to Make This Halloween

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Going to a Halloween party? Skip the candy sugary sweets and make one of these nine BOO-ti-fully healthy Halloween appetizers instead. Your dentist will love you for it. 

1. Marshmallow Man Smiles

Jenny made teeth!

Photo courtesy of Daniel Bogan

Cut the apples in half, coat with peanut butter, add a few marshmallows and voila! Instant Halloween snack.

 2. Hot Dog Fingers

halloween bento

Photo courtesy of The Purloined Letter

3. Green Olive Eyeballs

eyeball caprese

Photo courtesy of Windell Oskay

Get the recipe here.

4. Hot Dog Mummies

hot dog and biscuit mummies

Photo courtesy of Lisa BunchofPants

Hot dog mummies are easy to make. All you need is biscuit dough (you can buy it ready-made from the store), some hot dogs and mustard. Pre-heat the oven to 375, roll the biscuit dough and cut it into one-inch-wide strips. Wrap the hot dogs in the dough strips, put the little guys in the oven and bake for 12 minutes.

5.  Raspberry and Cream Brains

halloween snack brains made from cream and raspberry sauce

Photo courtesy of Jasmin Fine

While this item is technically a desert and by definition UNHEALTHY, the recipe only calls for three tablespoons of sugar! Plus, it looked too goo not to be included in this list. The recipe can be found here.

6. Monster Cheese Balls

Halloween mini monster cheese balls

Photo courtesy of Cozinhando Fantasias

Take a ball of shredded yellow cheese, add two pretzel sticks and a couple of olive slices and you have yourself a baby cheese monster.

7. Deviled Spider Eggs

Halloween food SPOOKY SPIDER DEVILED EGGS mixing bowl

Photo courtesy of  Cozinhando Fantasias

8. Ghost Cheese Toast

ghost cheese bread

Photo courtesy of Cozinhando Fantasias

These ghost toasts can be made using tin foil ghost cut outs. Similar recipe found here.

9.  Spider Web Bean Dip

halloween snack

Photo courtesy of Phil Hart

Recipe found here.

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