6 Surprising Perks of Being a New Parent

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We all know the usual perks to joining the world of parenthood: the happiness of starting a family, the joy of creating a new life, the rewards of taking care of a little human and the opportunity to mold a young mind. Boring! What about the unexpected up sides to having an infant?

1. No more being grossed out

Pre-parenthood, getting barfed or pooped on would be a total buzzkill. After living with a baby? No big deal! The experience of wiping bottoms and being covered in throw up will do wonders for building your tolerance for disgusting things.

Baby Oliver

Photo by plusgood


2. Hello, car pool lane!

Is anything more upsetting than being stuck in traffic while the lucky drivers in the car pool lane whiz by? Well kiss goodbye to all that, because once you’ve got a baby on board, the world of the carpool lane will welcome you with open roads.


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3. Say goodbye to hangovers!

Because your days of hitting the town and boozing until the wee morning hours are over…

Cigarettes And Alcohol

Photo by Shay


4. Facebook popularity will be yours

Facebook is basically “Babybook” at this point. There is no easier way to achieve the hundreds of “Likes” you want and deserve than by posting photos of your newborn doing what newborns do best: being adorable. Only a monster could scroll past without liking!


5. You have a ready made excuse to not do things

You finally won’t have to lie when explaining why you can’t make it to that Bar Mitzvah/bridal shower/dance recital/birthday party for your boss/etc.

wedding party

Photo by Caitlin Regan


6. It’s okay to slack on primping

Putting on makeup and pants is a real pain. Once you have a newborn, though, the bar drops drastically in terms of how presentable you’re expected to look. Feel like wearing pajamas all day long? You’re allowed!

new mom

Photo by Richard Giles

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