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5 Impressive Physical Feats Women Have Accomplished While Pregnant

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Some people view pregnancy as a time to relax, take it easy, and patiently await the baby’s arrival. Well, the women featured below blow that notion right out of the water. Check out the amazing physical feats they accomplished while pregnant, all of which would be impressive even without a baby in the womb.

1. Swam the English Channel

Swim thirty miles across the chilly English Channel – while pregnant? Sure, no problem! Well, at least it was no problem for Regan Schreiber, who crossed the channel in 2001. Schreiber was 11 weeks pregnant when she embarked on her impressive 9 hour, 30 minute swim.

Dover Marathon In The Channel - 198

Swimming the English Channel. Photo courtesy of Kyle Taylor

2. Competed in the Olympics

Surprisingly, a few women have fought for the gold while pregnant. Among them were Canadian curler Kristi Moore, who competed while 5 ½ months pregnant, German skeleton racer Diana Sartor, who placed fourth while in her first trimester, and Malaysian shooter Nur Suryani Taibi, who was a whopping 8 months along when she competed in London last year.

Pregnant Olympics

Photo courtesy of GR

3. Rock Climbed

We can’t imagine climbing the tremendous boulders at Joshua Tree National Park is easy in any condition, but Aimee Roseborrough did it straight through her 8th month of pregnancy!

Climbing Sequence 1 of 5

Rock Climbing at Joshua Tree National Park. Photo courtesy of J Brew

4. Weight Lifted

Chilean weightlifter Elizabeth Poblete competed in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, so she was used to physical challenges. One challenge she wasn’t expecting though was to give birth while weight training in her gym the following year. That’s because she didn’t even know she was pregnant!

Levantamiento de Pesas

Who says pregnant women can’t do it all? Lifting weights at the Olympics. Photo courtesy of Carlos Mejía Greene

 5. Ran a Marathon

A looming due date didn’t stop Amber Miller from finishing the 2011 Chicago Marathon in 6.5 hours, which she split between running the first half and walking the second. Her baby arrived only a few hours after her finish!

Author Bio: Gina Volpe is a writer living in New York City. Although she has not accomplished anything impressive while pregnant, or not pregnant, she prepares for motherhood by perusing the wealth of fascinating information available for expectant mothers at cord blood banking company

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